What are the requirements in franchising Baan Khun Thai?

  • Specified location for the intended Baan Khun Thai Branch
  • Minimum of 80 sq meters space requirement
  • Comfort Room

What are included in the franchise?

  • Right to name
  • Propriety Marks
  • 8 compact beds
  • 4 massage chairs
  • 8 hot pads
  • 6 herbal balls
  • 8 massage sticks
  • Systems and Operations Flow
  • Operating Manual
  • Marketing Strategies and Assistance
  • Hiring/Screening of Therapists (optional depending on the location)
  • Training of  Therapists
  • Facade concept /front glass (depending on the building requirement or lessor policy)

At Baan Khun Thai, franchisee has the freedom to make his/her own interior design  or concept of the branch as long as franchisee follows the standard rooms sizes, logos & fonts as well as the standard operating procedures of the franchisor.

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